Jackson, William: Satan's Lamp


All who turn the pages of 'Satan's Lamp' - and surrender to the story - will not be disappointed. ~ Linda

Hayden Devil's Rock is the bleakest lighthouse Station off the Cornish coast. A lonely rock that locals say is haunted. That's why they call it 'Satan's Lamp'.

Young Jabe Walker, a rookie keeper is plagued by nightmares of his abusive father - the father Jabe killed when he was just ten years old.

Now it is 15th October 1987 and one of the most violent storms in history is about to strike the English coast. On this night Jabe is forced to confront his violent past.

His father is back from the dead and hell-bent on revenge.


William Jackson is a British author of gay horror fiction. His characters inhabit a homonormative world in stark contrast to the heteronormativity of so much horror narrative. His writing looks at oppression, the inherent seductiveness of evil and the corruption, or moral decay, often masked by beauty. He cites his influences as Richard Laymon, Dennis Wheatley and Fred Mustard Stewart.

Jackson is a master at reaching to the heart of the reader’s deepest fears - then deftly twisting his pen. His fiction has been described as 'Hammer horror for the 21st Century'

ISBN: 9781912622399
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Verlag Martin Firrell Company
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Erscheinungsjahr 2023
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