Oakley, Be: Against The Death Wish in a death obsessed world

This publication and essay is a guttural response to death in hopes of bearing the weight of this horrible moment. In this time of censorship through social media platforms, disseminating printed matter is paramount!

"This essay is not meant to be an academic text but an essay drafted in the middle of a sleepless night after weeks and weeks of witnessing death online. I want to make clear that I am not an authority on many of the positions I talk about here. I do not speak for any Jewish or Palestinian’s voice and write this from my heart and my own moral compass in this time of unrelenting deaths of civilians and children. As a publisher of printed matter I must take a direct stance against the unfolding genocide of Palestinians being perpetrated by the israeli zionist government"

This zine also features a new typeset sourced from the numerous protests calling for a ceasefire and Free Palestine. GenderFail has a history of making open sourced typesets inspired by protests and activisms. Featured in this essay, this typeset is made from protest signs at various Jewish Voices for Peace including the historic JEWS SAY STOP GENOCIDE OF PALESTINIANS on Oct 18th in DC. This typeset is available to download for free on

Against The Death Wish, in a death obsessed world

by Be Oakley

32 Pages

Edition of 200

Risograph (blue and black)


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