Pérez-Cortés, Juan-Carlos: Relationship Anarchy - Occupy Intimacy!

One of the best-selling books on relationships in Europe during the last two years, studied and debated by consensual non-monogamy activists and polyamory discussion groups, has been translated and adapted here to bring to the English-speaking audience a less self-centered and more radical framework for sustainable interpersonal relations based on intense communication and free, conscientious commitments.

This translation maintains most of the original content, adapting only the necessary contextual elements so that English-speaking readers can interpret the examples, references, comparisons, and anecdotes with greater familiarity.

The book's audience covers various profiles regarding age, gender, sexual orientation and preferences, geographical and socio-cultural origin, etc. One reason is that the work brings together both visions: political and relational. It historically structures the elements leading to the emergence of this framework, starting with the philosophical and political theoretical foundations, the freethought tradition, social developments, feminist, queer, sex-positive activisms, etc., while also addressing more personal aspects.

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