Barron, Victoria: Amazing Ace, Awesome Aro - An Illustrated Exploration

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The split attraction model? Alterous Love? Queerplatonic relationships?

From the creator of Perfectly Queer: An Illustrated Introduction, this bold and brilliantly illustrated guide is written for anyone looking to explore the beautiful ace and aro communities; the acefluxes, the arospikes, the demis, the greys, the frays and more.

Separate the myths and stereotypes, and discover some of the wonderful intricacies that shape each spectrum, including: forms of love and attraction, common identities, microlabels, flags, and the entertaining community-led culture.

Packed with quizzes, activity sheets and a directory of further resources, this is a celebration of all things ace and aro!

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Verlag Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Einband Fester Einband
Erscheinungsjahr 2023
Seitenangabe 96 S.
Meldetext Folgt in ca. 10 Arbeitstagen
Untertitel An Illustrated Exploration
Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
Abbildungen Colour illustrations throughout
Masse H18.0 cm x B40.5 cm x D1.5 cm 362 g
Auflage Illustrated ed
Autor*in Barron, Victoria