Queer Life, Queer Love - Volume 2

The best of Queer Wrting from around th world.

Queer Life, Queer Love celebrates the best new queer writing from around the world, by both new and established writers and features voices across all narrative forms. The new book includes 44 stories, poems, essays and flash-fiction. This is writing that explores characters, stories, and experiences beyond the mainstream; works that celebrate the fascinating, the forbidden, the subversive, and even the mundane, but, in essence, works that express the view from outside. Humorous, serious, autobiographical, and revelatory Ð all aspects of the queer experience are reflected in this dazzling collection.

Garr Adams Avi Ben-Zeev Martha Benedic Betty Benson Sophia Blackwell Tom Bland Dale Booton Libro Levi Bridgeman Amelia Brown Swithun Cooper Isabel Costello Emilija Ducks Nathan Evans Lukas Georgiou Kath Gifford Rab Green Max Hartley George Hodson Divin Ishimwe Stanley Iyanu Sarah Keenan Jonathan Kemp V.G. Lee Karen McLeod Peter Mitchell Jonathan Pizarro Reanna Valentine Amy Ridler JP Seabright Sharon Shaw Ben Skea Marilyn Smith Tom Spencer J.D. Stewart Jerl Surratt Virna Teixeira Brian Thorstenson Piero Toto Nikki Ummel William Wyld L.E. Yates Adam Zmith

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Untertitel The Second Anthology
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