van Trotsenburg, Mick: Context, Principles and Practice of TransGynecology

This comprehensive and authoritative book is written by over seventy of the foremost experts working with the care of transgender and gender expansive patients for gynecologists and those working in neighboring disciplines. Among medical specialists, understanding of the complex reality and medical needs of transgender and gender diverse individuals is still limited. This book offers the opportunity to understand transgynecology in a way that is inclusive and up-to-date, with insights into liaison with specialties such as urology, dermatology, sexuology, physiotherapy amongst others. By contextualising transgender/gender diverse medicine before covering specific issues such as imaging, benign disorders, fertility maintenance, medico-legal concerns and uterine transplantation, this book is truly unique. Aimed at gynecologists, obstetricians, general practitioners, counsellors and all those who work with transgender, non-binary, or gender diverse patients, this book prepares the reader for the prerequisites and subtleties of transgynecology.

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Verlag Cambridge University Press
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Untertitel Managing Transgender Patients in ObGyn Practice
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