Kahn, Langston: Deep Liberation

Drawing on Indigenous wisdom traditions, a shamanic healer offers a body-based approach to working through the fear and trauma that inhibits transformation and growth

To create a world free from oppression, we each have to face the ways that we maintain toxic social systems within ourselves. In indigenous cultures throughout the world, it’s understood that true transformation starts in the body with a change of heart.

Shamanic healer Langston Kahn offers the Deep Liberation Process, a body-based approach that allows us to radically transform the range of fear-based stories we each hold in ourselves: from traumatic experiences, internalized oppression, and habitual emotional patterns to the outmoded beliefs that hold us back from healing, transforming, and freeing our authenticity and unique genius. Bridging the shamanic wisdom of ancient spirituality with the needs and demands of modern-day life, Kahn offers concrete skills to cultivate deep grounding, skillful boundaries, and a healthy energy body; methods for authentic shadow work and healing our triggers; and tools for effectively tending personal and collective well-being in community.
“With Deep Liberation, our sacred calling is made accessible to all who are willing to listen for it within themselves.” —adrienne maree brown, author of Pleasure Activism"With Deep Liberation, our sacred calling is made accessible to all who are willing to listen for it within themselves."
—ADRIENNE MAREE BROWN, author of Pleasure Activism

 "Kahn offers powerful practices to tend to our deepest hurts as we attempt to be human in a world that so often wants us to be other than human. [This is] . . . an invitation for us to reconnect to our own hearts as well as to our souls, passions, and our communities." 
—LAMA ROD OWENS, author of Love and Rage

"Kahn helps not only to liberate our own individual souls from the traumas that hold us hostage, but also to mend the balance with our communities and spirits."
—DAVID SHI, author of North Asian Magic
"A breath of fresh air in a society constricted by the Western mainstream medical model. I recommend this book for psychologists, scholars, and activists who wish to engage with a worldview that is at once deeply resonant, ancient, progressive, and wise." 
—VANESSA SINCLAIR, PSYD, psychoanalyst and author of Scansion in Psychoanalysis and Art
"Langston deftly hoists a calabash of Indigenous healing wisdoms and spiritualities and alchemizes a recipe of exercises, practices, and rituals to address trauma and to equip those who linger in the wake of world-endings for the work we must do in the world yawning to wake."
—BAYO AKOMOLAFE, PHD, author of These Wilds Beyond Our Fences
"This is an accessible toolkit for undoing the psychic and emotional damage that limits our possibilities for experiencing true wellness and can shape how and to what degree we can express our soul’s purpose." 
—AIDAN WACHTER, author of Six Ways: Approaches & Entries for Practical Magic

"Gently presented and thoroughly developed, the soul education in this book is not just the one all soul tenders should have access to; it’s taught with the compassionate authority we all crave."
—S. KELLY HARRELL, author of Gift of the Dreamtime

"I have never read a book dealing with anything shamanistic that approaches the depth here. This is an important text for seekers who want to develop their innate shamanic abilities to free their past, present, and future lives."
—GRANDFATHER DUNCAN SINGS-ALONE, author of Sprinting Backwards to God

"Under the crush of a global sociopolitical reckoning . . . Kahn locates the importance of psychic and material ancestrality in the service of collective healing and, ultimately, communal liberation. This book is a must-read. . . ." 
—LARA SHEEHI, PSYD, faculty at the George Washington University Professional Psychology Program

"A powerful manual that embraces the head, heart, and body."
—CHRISTOPHER PENCZAK, author of Buddha, Christ, Merlin and The Inner Temple of Witchcraft

"Deep Liberation . . . gives people actionable steps to better care of themselves, not just as a single, atomized unit, but as a spiritual member of a community. We need more books like this."
—SARAH LYONS, author of Revolutionary Witchcraft

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Verlag Random House N.Y.
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Untertitel Shamanic Tools for Reclaiming Wholeness in a Culture of Trauma
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