Minai, Thista: Casting A Queer Circle (eBook)

Non-Binary Witchcraft

Many people come to traditional Wicca or Witchcraft seeking the benefits of shared ritual, spiritual community, and formalized training, but the inherent sex and gender binaries that permeate modern Wicca can make anyone who exists outside of that polarity feel unimportant or excluded. Even people who identify within a gender binary but want their spiritual or religious practice to reflect a spectrum of life experiences can feel stifled and smothered in the biases of Wicca-based Paganism. Thista Minai has created an alternative. Casting a Queer Circle describes Spectrum Gate Mysteries, a new ritual system conceived as a direct answer to those of us who appreciate the wisdom and power of traditional Wicca, yet need something more inclusive. Here you'll find the fundamentals of queering witchcraft, from casting a Circle and celebrating the Wheel of the Year, to Rites of Passage and creating a coven. Bring your identity into your sacred work, and worship on your own terms.

Format Paperback | 180 pages Publication date 01 Aug 2017 Publisher Asphodel Press; 

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Erscheinungsjahr 2017
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