DC Pride: The New Generation

The highly anticipated sequel to the Ringo Award-winning DC Pride 2021, DC Pride: The New Generation features more stories, more characters, and more pride than ever before! Spotlighting LGBTQIA+ fan-favorites new and old, including Superman (Jon Kent), Nubia, Tim Drake, Kid Quick, Connor Hawke, Aquaman (Jackson Hyde), Green Lantern (Jo Mullein), Alysia Yeoh, the Ray, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Batwoman - brought to life by a stellar lineup of queer and ally talent!

This volume includes all five parts of Tim Drake's coming out journey, as well as Kevin Conroy's celebrated autobiographical comic "Finding Batman." DC Pride: The New Generation also includes a special Multiversity: Teen Justice kickoff story spotlighting Kid Quick.

DC Pride: The New Generation collects DC Pride 2022 #1 and DC Pride: Tim Drake Special #1, including the following stories:

“Super Pride” by Devin Grayson, Nick Robles, Triona Farrell and Aditya Bidikar
“Confessions” by Stephanie Williams, Meghan Hetrick, Marissa Louise and Ariana Maher
“Special Delivery” by Travis G. Moore, Enrica Eren Angiolini and Ariana Maher
“Are You Ready for This?” by Danny Lore & Ivan Cohen, Brittney Williams, Enrica Eren Angiolini and Ariana Maher
“A World Kept Just For Me” by Alyssa Wong, W. Scott Forbes and Ariana Maher
“The Gumshoe in Green” by Tini Howard, Evan Cagle and Lucas Gattoni
“Think of Me” by Ted Brandt & Ro Stein and Frank Cvetkovic
“Public Display of Electromagnetism” by Greg Lockard, Giulio Macaione and Aditya Bidikar
“The Hunt” by Dani Fernandez, Zoe Thorogood, Jeremy Lawson and Aditya Bidikar
“Bat’s in the Cradle” by Stephanie Philips, Samantha Dodge, Marissa Louise and Lucas Gattoni
“Up at Bat” by Jadzia Axelrod, Lynne Yoshii, Tamra Bonvillain and Ariana Maher
and “Finding Batman,” a personal story by Kevin Conroy with art by J.Bone and Aditya Bidikar

ISBN: 9781779518484
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Verlag Random House N.Y.
Einband Fester Einband
Erscheinungsjahr 2023
Seitenangabe 192 S.
Meldetext Lieferbar in ca. 20-45 Arbeitstagen
Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
Masse H26.5 cm x B17.0 cm x D2.0 cm 498 g
Coverlag DC Comics (Imprint/Brand)
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