van Pelt, Bert: New Men

 Nudity is the ultimate form of self-expression. It is precisely this form of expression and the struggle one has with their identity which Bert Van Pelt showcases in his poetic photography of young men. His photographs tell a story that every person can relate to – facing barriers that we impose on ourselves, attempting to break free of these constraints and finally re-emerging free from them.

The men are seen stripped of any clothing and context, leaving them exposed in both body and mind. They are caught in a still and intimate moment, quiet and internalised, restrained by the limits that they and the world have set. These limitations can be invisible, internalised and thus are represented by the controlled poses of the figures, while physical limitations manifest themselves in the form of geometric shapes, frames and threads which intertwine and overlap the figures.

Softness and sensuality, this is what you will discover in Bert Van Pelt’s photography work of young nude men.

Bert Van Pelt is a Belgian photographer. He followed photography classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Mol and Liège. He self-published his first book “Confusion” in 2016. Engaged in a conceptual artistic process, he has been able to renew the genre of the male nude and give it a place in contemporary photography. His visual research leads him to place the male body in a committed and aesthetic context.

ISBN: 9782930754277
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