Ellis, PJ: We Could Be Heroes

Real love is nothing like the movies.


When American actor Patrick arrives in England, finding love is the last thing on his mind. Starring in a blockbuster superhero movie, he’s on a strict filming schedule, which does not include coming out as gay. But when Patrick meets Will – a local bookseller and drag performer, whose charm is impossible to resist – the temptation for a secret romance has never felt stronger.

NEW YORK, 1949.

Comic-book artists Charles and Iris aren’t like other married couples. They too are harbouring secrets of a dangerous nature. But together, they are creating a new kind of hero – one who is destined to bring Patrick and Will together… and might just change the world.


What real readers are saying about We Could Be Heroes:

‘I ADORED it. This book warmed my cold little heart so much. I loved the characters – everyone was so full of life. Ultimately, a really uplifting, hopeful, beautiful love story that's so badly needed in the world today’

‘I haven’t read a pairing like this before – a superhero actor and drag queen – and loved this! The entire thing felt like a love letter to superhero movies, albeit with more LGBTQ+ love. Cute!’

A feel-good romance with something interesting to say. It's character-centred – and lovely characters they are, too -with the queer politics as a subtle undercurrent that adds depth. Enjoyable, relatable, and empowering’

‘Vacillating between Golden Age Hollywood and the modern day, WE COULD BE HEROES is as sweet as movie theatre popcorn’


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