Schuhbändel Regenbogen Pride

Designed by The Pin Prick

I didn't like the fussy designs of many pride shoelaces out there, and deeply wanted to create something with a much more streamlined look. I ran with this idea, and designed these shoelaces that feature a seamless gradient of colour down its entire length. Now you can turn any boring pair of shoes into a colourful fashion statement!

The abstract nature of these designs allows for subtle pride representation, and many who are unfamiliar with the pride flag designs will just see them as colourful laces – yet those who know, will know!

A robust polyester weave that is more resistant to fraying, as well as having good friction to prevent the laces from easily coming undone. The laces are also suitable for heavier usage, such as skates and sports shoes.

Länge: 137cm, passend für typische Sneakers mit 7-8 Loch-Paaren

Von Pin Prick aus London!

ISBN: 9910000190964
CHF 12.00
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