Nelson, Tammy: Open Monogamy

Dr. Tammy Nelson is a relationship revolutionary. Her rethinking of monogamy-as a practice, a continuum, and a flexible concept-is on point, actionable, and nothing less than a significant cultural shift.
-Wednesday Martin, PhD, New York Times bestselling author of Primates of Park Avenue and Untrue

Love is eternal-but in an age when we live longer, communicate differently, and value gender equality, is it any wonder so many people are looking for new ways to support lasting, loving partnerships? "Monogamy is no longer a simple concept," says Dr. Tammy Nelson. "More couples every year are experimenting with open relationships and newer, more flexible versions of commitment ... yet few of us have been prepared with the skills we need to make those agreements work."

Open Monogamy is a practical guide for people who wish to explore new directions in their relationships-to bring in excitement, variety, and fresh experiences without sacrificing trust, security, and respect. Through solo and partner exercises and real-life stories from people across the spectrum of relationship styles, you'll explore:

. The changing face of relationships-why the time to explore new visions of love has arrived
. Can open monogamy work for you? Self-assessment tools to find your place on the "monogamy continuum"
. Essential skills for having honest conversations about attraction and desire
. Exercises to remove shame and suspicion about open relationships
. How to create agreements-traditional or otherwise-that are fulfilling, exhilarating, and built to last

Dr. Nelson's 30 years of experience as a relationship and sex therapist have shown her that relationships can flourish even when the old idea of monogamy fails. "You want to love each other with fairness and integrity because that's what you signed up for, and honesty aligns with your shared values ... But you also want more. You want answers. The bad news? There is no one right way to do this. The good news? You can have anything you want."

If you've ever wondered how to try an open relationship or polyamory, Open Monogamy gives you the tools you need to create a commitment agreement as unique as your love.

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