McDaniel, Rae: Gender Magic (eBook)

'Rae McDaniel is a leader in their generation, matching compassion with clear-sighted vision for a sex-positive future' Emily Nagoski, PhD, author of Come As You Are and Burnout

Taking everything they know from more than a decade of working with the queer and trans community, their personal journey of gender exploration, and clinical best practices, licensed therapist, coach and speaker Rae McDaniel created the Gender Freedom Model. A uniquely supportive narrative for gender exploration and transition grounded in queer joy, their nine-pillar model has helped thousands of transgender and nonbinary individuals explore gender through play, pleasure and freedom. And now, it can help you too.

Whether you're transgender, non-binary, cisgender or still exploring, this compassionate and practical guide will help you experience your gender in new, expansive ways by teaching:
· How to move from anxiety, self-doubt, and fear to a confident, proactive state of mind.
· How to navigate discomfort and celebrate your inherent worth as you develop genuine self-love.
· How to design relationships, community and a sex life that lights you up.
· Practical tools to align your gender identity and expression with your most authentic self through play, pleasure and possibility.

Brimming with warmth, celebration and practical advice, Gender Magic is essential reading for anyone who yearns to step into their fullest self and imagine a life beyond gender binaries. Because you - yes YOU - are magic.

ISBN: 9781472148292
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Verlag Little, Brown Book Group
Einband Adobe Digital Editions
Erscheinungsjahr 2023
Untertitel Live Shamelessly, Reclaim Your Joy, and Step into Your Most Authentic Self
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Autor*in McDaniel, Rae