Maupin, Armistead: Tales of the City #07 - Michael Tolliver Lives

The seventh novel in the beloved Tales of the City series, Armistead Maupin's best-selling San Francisco saga.

'Tender-hearted and frolicsome? A tale of long-lost friends and unrealised dreams, of fear and regret, of penance and redemption, and of the unshakeable sense that this world we love, this life we live, this drama on which we all play, does indeed go by much too fast'
New York Times

Nearly two decades after ending his iconic Tales of the City saga of San Francisco life, Armistead Maupin revisits his all-too-human hero Michael Tolliver-the fifty-five-year-old sweet-spirited gardener and survivor of the plague that took so many of his friends and lovers-for a single day at once mundane and extraordinary... and filled with the everyday miracles of living.

Hurdling barriers both social and sexual, Maupin leads the eccentric tenants of Barbary Lane through heartbreak and triumph, through nail-biting terrors and gleeful coincidences in a sexually-liberated San Francisco. The result is a glittering and addictive comedy of manners that continues to beguile new generations of readers.

B-Format Paperback

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Verlag Random House UK
Einband Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Erscheinungsjahr 2024
Seitenangabe 336 S.
Meldetext Lieferbar in 48 Stunden
Untertitel Tales of the City 7
Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
Masse H19.8 cm x B12.7 cm x D2.0 cm 230 g
Coverlag Penguin (Imprint/Brand)
Reihe Tales of the City
Autor*in Maupin, Armistead