Gralle, Jan: 111 Places in Copenhagen That You Shouldn't Miss

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111 Places In Copenhagen That You Shouldn’t Miss lists familiar sites such as City Hall, Centralhjørnet bar and Regnbuepladsen alongside others which are less well known, including the Nærum Railway, Svaneknoppen and Danner’s Shelter. The description of each of the 111 places has been written specifically for an LGBTI+ audience.

The book has been written to help the hundreds of thousands of international visitors planning their trips to Copenhagen and Malmö for Copenhagen 2021, a global event combining WorldPride and EuroGames next August. A financial contribution from every copy sold will be donated to Copenhagen 2021 by publisher Frydenlund.

Copenhagen 2021 are hoping to offer walking tours of the city during the event, taking in many of the places featured in the book.

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