Winters, Sarah: The Strongest Fire: Book One of the Vampiress Sagas

I would like you to think of yourself for a moment before you begin to read the story of my younger life. I want you to think of whom you are and the changes that would happen to you if you were transformed into an immortal being. Think carefully about what you might do if you had to drink blood in order to keep your sanity. You are unique. I am sure you would do things that I could never think of. But what if you did not want the changes or you were forced to be somewhere you did not desire to be, how would you react then?
This story, told from my memory, and in a language not my own, this is the second chapter of my life. The first is short. I was born. I grew up. I married. I had a daughter. My husband died. My daughter died. All of this occurred in a twenty-three-year time span.

This is my story, my eternal life; this is how I reacted...

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