Strah, David: Gay Dads: A Celebration of Fatherhood (eBook)

Inspiring portraits of gay men and their families from all across America.

An evolution has quietly been occurring in the world of parenting. Recent surveys reveal that millions of children have found loving homes either by being born to, or adopted by, gay men. This book is a celebration of these remarkable new families.

Gay Dads includes twenty-five personal accounts from men describing their unique journeys to fatherhood and the struggles and successes they have experienced as they raise their children. This is the first book to provide such an expansive exploration of this extraordinary new family unit. With beautiful black-and-white photographs of each of the families, Gay Dads is a moving tribute to familial love..

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Verlag: Jeremy Tarcher Publ Seiten: 270 S. Erscheinungsjahr: 2004 Ausführung: Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
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Verlag Penguin Publishing Group
Einband Adobe Digital Editions
Erscheinungsjahr 2004
Seitenangabe 288 S.
Untertitel A Celebration of Fatherhood
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