Sterner-Radley, Emma: Coffee and Conclusions

The Midnight Coffee Series - Buch #2

The Midnight Coffee Series - Buch #2

Love brought introverted New York personal trainer Erin Black together online with CEO-turned-writer Isabella Martinez. In the second part of their story, Isabella has moved back to Philadelphia to start a new life with her baby.

As the physical distance between Erin and Isabella shrinks, other hurdles appear. Will Erin’s insecurities and the ghosts of her past hold her back? Can Isabella’s manipulative mother threaten their path to finding happiness?

Their online midnight coffee dates keep drawing them together, but will it be enough? Is there a way for Erin, Isabella, and baby Alberto to be together?

A lesbian romance about love finding a way.

276 pages, Ylva Verlag

ISBN: 9783955339302
Fr. 19.90
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