Spronk, Rachel (Hrsg.): Readings in Sexualities from Africa

1. Images and narratives of African sexuality have a long origin in stereotype. This volume aims to present a multidimensional view of sex and sexuality on the African continent.

2. Spronk and Hendriks are up-and-coming scholars with interests in anthropology, ethnography, and sexuality in Africa.

3. IUP has a long-standing relationship with the International African Institute to produce a series of textbooks comprised of previously published material about various topics of current interest to Africanist students and scholars. This book is a part of that series and will find an audience with Africanist scholars in humanities and social science disciplines interested in questions surrounding sex and sexuality.

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Verlag Indiana University Press
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Erscheinungsjahr 2020
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Reihe Readings in African Studies
Autor*in Spronk, Rachel (Hrsg.) / Hendriks, Thomas (Hrsg.)