Queer All Year - Wall Calendar 2023

Why limit Pride to just one month, when you can celebrate being queer all year with this inspiring wall art calendar?

From trailblazing activists to larger-than-life stars, celebrate the legacy of the LGBTQ+ community every day! All 17 months of this 2023 wall calendar features bold, breathtaking artwork of queer icons throughout history and pop culture who broke the mold, inspired others, and changed the world. The perfect gift or a gorgeous work of art to keep for yourself, this calendar is inspirational, uplifting, and full of pride!

A significant portion of the profits from this calendar will be donated to causes that benefit and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

17-month wall calendar (August 2022-December 2023) with 12" x 12" trim size and sturdy hole for hanging
18 beautiful, full-color art pieces illustrated by fierce artists from the LGBTQ+ community, printed on high-quality, glossy paper stock
Interesting facts and tribute biographies for each queer icon featured and inspirational quotes
Environmentally responsible, FSC certified paper
Writing space each day to stay organized and jot down important reminders, tasks, appointments, and more
Holidays and observances
2023 and 2024 years at a glance


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Verlag Sourcebooks
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