Sedgwick, David: The Wounded Healer (eBook)

Countertransference from a Jungian Perspective
In the years since the publication of The Wounded Healer, countertransference has become a central consideration in the analytic process. David Sedgwick´s work was ground-breaking in tackling this difficult topic from a Jungian perspective and demonstrating how countertransference can be used in positive ways. Sedgwick´s extended study of the process candidly presents the analyst´s struggles and shows how the analyst is, as Jung said, "as much in the analysis as the patient." The book extends Jung´s prescient work on countertransference to create a dynamic view of the analyst-patient interaction, stressing the importance of the analyst´s own woundedness and how this may be used in conjunction with the patient´s own. Sedgwick begins with a discussion of the need and justification for a Jungian approach to countertransference, then reviews Jungian theories and presents detailed illustrations of cases showing the complexity of transference-countertransference processes in both the patient and the analyst, and concludes with a model of countertransference processing. This Classic Edition also includes a new introduction by the author.It will be an important work for Jungian analysts, psychotherapists and other clinicians and students interested in the struggles of the therapeutic process.
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