Raskin, Allison: Overthinking About You

Dating is hard. But pursuing love and relationships when you live with mental illness can be even more overwhelming.

Allison Raskin knows this challenge firsthand and shares her journey with perfect candor. She’s learned from her experiences, and we get to learn from her, discovering new ways to form healthy dating and relationship habits. How do you talk to a partner about your mental health? What is the potential impact of SSRIs on your body? What is the difference between having valid concerns and catastrophizing? It’s all here, from meeting online to how to handle a breakup, from recognizing and avoiding unhealthy relationships to the big one—sex.

Woven in throughout are interviews with clinical psychologists, a psychiatrist, a sexologist, relationship experts, and real-life couples for their points of view and professional guidance. All to help you walk away from this book feeling less alone in the struggle and better prepared to tackle dating and relationships with more confidence and less worry.

It’s a transformative book, with insights on every page and an inspiring message of optimism and hope.

“Allison Raskin is a warm hug in the world of mental health. She reminds us that this life is meant to be enjoyed and to never give up on love because we all are more than deserving of it. This book is going to save relationships!” —Kelsey Darragh, author of Don’​t F*cking Panic: The Shit They Don’t Tell You in Therapy About Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks, and Depression

“Romance and love can press all the buttons for overthinkers, denying us what we ultimately crave. Thank you, Allison, for being the brave soul to finally show us we can do both—fret and share a healthy intimate connection with another awesome human!” —Sarah WilsonNew York Times bestselling author of First, We Make the Beast Beautiful

“A warm and thoughtful guide to an under-discussed topic.” —Mara Wilson, writer and actor


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Verlag Workman
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Erscheinungsjahr 2022
Seitenangabe 208 S.
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Untertitel Navigating Romantic Relationships When You Have Anxiety, OCD, and/or Depression
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Autor*in Raskin, Allison
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