Ness, Jonathan Van: Over the Top (eBook)

The funny, poignant and inspirational memoir from Queer Eye's loveable connoisseur of hair, and style - Jonathan Van Ness.

Jonathan Van Ness has an effect on people. His warmth and wit radiates from every pore of his body. He is best known as the heart and soul and breakout star of QUEER EYE, one of the most watched shows on Netflix. The Fab Five' s exploits in each episode are totally 'water cooler' moments. His first book, OVER THE TOP, is a laugh-and-cry-out-loud memoir and tells the story of his hilarious and moving account of his childhood growing up in Quincy, Illinois, hanging out with the pool ladies - those fabulous matriarchs of Quincy Country Club, overcoming bullying and eventually becoming his high school's first male cheerleader.

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Verlag Simon & Schuster Uk
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Erscheinungsjahr 2019
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