Maupin, Armistead: Michael Tolliver Lives (eBook)

Volume 7

Paperback edition of the new novel in Maupin's acclaimed "Tales Of The City" series. Maupin revisits Michael Tolliver, the sweet-spirited Southerner, and one of the most beloved gay characters in fiction, 20 years after ending his groundbreaking saga of San Francisco life. This time, he lets the now 55 year old gardener tell his story in his own words. A novel about the art of growing older joyfully and the everyday miracles that somehow make that possible. 'Comedy in its most classic form... some of the sharpest and most speakable dialogue you are ever likely to read.' "Guardian"

Michael Tolliver, the sweet-spirited Southerner in Armistead Maupin's classic Tales of the City series, is arguably the most beloved gay character in fiction.

Verlag: Random House UK Seiten: 332 S. Erscheinungsjahr: 2012 Ausführung: Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
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Verlag Transworld Publishers
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Erscheinungsjahr 2012
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Untertitel Tales of the City 7
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Reihe Tales of the City
Autor*in Maupin, Armistead