Kryuchkova, Olga: Fortune Telling and Spells with Candles and Molten Wax. Fiery Magic of the Ancient Slavs (eBook)

If you read this book, then you, apparently, were interested in divination on wax and candles. So, what is divination at wax and divination at all? Fortune telling, or wax casting (wax casting) is one of the oldest types of divination, the roots of which go back to ancient Greece and ancient Egypt. Even in Babylon this kind of fortune telling was already known. Babylonian sorcerers also poured molten wax into the water, waited for it to solidify, and then interpreted the meaning of the figures obtained. So we can say that for a long time and to our time, the method of predicting the future through wax has not changed much. One of the sections of this book is also devoted to the fiery magic of the ancient Slavs. You will learn what sacred signs the Slavic Volhvs (Slavic Sorcerers) used and what they were used for. After reading the book, you can reproduce these rituals at home.

The book is written in a simple accessible language and is intended for a wide range of readers.

ISBN: 9781071527658
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Erscheinungsjahr 2020
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