Kayiatos, Rocco (Hrsg.): Mindful Masculinity Workbook: A Practical Guide to Healthier Masculinity

In the midst of the #MeToo era, toxic masculinity gets a lot of airtime, but rarely do we make the same space for finding solutions to this overwhelming social problem. Many men want to do and be better, but don't know how. The Mindful Masculinity Workbook: A Practical Guide To Healthier Masculinity provides an intensive and immersive step-by-step self-guided, solution-oriented tool bag for all men.

This workbook includes dozens of writing prompts, meditations and reflections written by Rocco Kayiatos (co-creator of Original Plumbing Magazine) and a list of heavy-hitting activists, writers and advocates, including: Ashlee Marie Preston, Dr. Chris Donaghue, Jacob Tobia, Wade Davis, Kirsten King, Richie Reseda, Cleo Stiller, Marquise Vilson, Jamison Green, Mike Sagun, Trystan Reese, Andrew Gurza, Jayson Moton, Martin Vitorino. If you are a man or a masculine person looking to expand your view, unpack the patriarchy or just get a better handle on identifying your feelings, this workbook is for you!

ISBN: 9781792333484
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Verlag Intentional Man Project
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Erscheinungsjahr 2020
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