Kaabour, Marwan (Hrsg.): The Queer Arab Glossary

A groundbreaking survey of the language used around queerness in the Arab world, with contributions by leading Arab queer writers, thinkers and activists, The Queer Arab Glossary is a first-of-its-kind survey
of the linguistic landscape surrounding queerness in the Arab world. It brings
together more than 300 words and terms used to refer to queer people across the
spoken Arabic dialects, ranging from the humorous to the harrowing, serious to
tongue-in-cheek, pejorative to endearing.

Featuring anecdotes and fascinating historical facts, the
bilingual glossary paints a linguistic picture of how queer bodies are
perceived within the Arab region. It includes insightful essays by eight
leading Arab queer artists, academics, activists and writers, which situate the
glossary in a modern social and political context.

With beautiful, witty illustrations by Haitham Haddad, The
Queer Arab Glossary
is a powerful response to myths about queer people in
the Arab world. It is proof that the LGBTQI+ Arab community is alive and

ISBN: 9780863560927
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Verlag Saqi Books
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Erscheinungsjahr 2024
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