Jennings, Luke: Killing Eve - Codename Villanelle (eBook)

The basis for the BAFTA-winning Killing Eve TV series


The basis for KILLING EVE, now a major BBC TV series, starring Sandra Oh

'Gloriously exciting' Metro

She is the perfect assassin.

A Russian orphan, saved from the death penalty for the brutal revenge she took on her gangster father's killers.

Ruthlessly trained. Given a new life. New names, new faces - whichever fits.

Her paymasters call themselves The Twelve. But she knows nothing of them. Konstantin is the man who saved her and the one she answers to.

She is Villanelle. Without conscience. Without guilt. Without weakness.

Eve Polastri is the woman who hunts her. MI5, until one error of judgment costs her everything.

Then stopping a ruthless assassin becomes more than her job. It becomes personal.

Originally published as ebook singles: Codename Villanelle, Hollowpoint, Shanghai and Odessa.

No Tomorrow, the second book in the Killing Eve series, is available now!

Praise for Killing Eve TV series

'A dazzling thriller . . . mightily entertaining' Guardian

'Entertaining, clever and darkly comic' New York Times

ISBN: 9781473666405
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Verlag John Murray Press
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Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Seitenangabe 224 S.
Untertitel The basis for the BAFTA-winning Killing Eve TV series
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Reihe Killing Eve series; John Murray
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