Jae: The Roommate Arrangement

A feisty comedian. A former cop with a wounded heart. An unusual roommate arrangement…

Comedian Stephanie Renshaw hopes to finally get her big break in LA. A chance encounter lands her the perfect apartment close to the comedy clubs, but it comes with a catch: she needs a roommate to afford the rent.

Enter Rae Coleman, a former police officer working the door at one of the top comedy clubs. After getting injured in the line of duty and losing her job with the LAPD, Rae guards her wounded soul behind a tough exterior.

At first, the two clash horribly before a tentative friendship develops. Bit by bit, Steph manages to break through the walls Rae has built around her.

But Steph has never been in a relationship, preferring casual flings, and Rae isn’t sure she’s ready to be happy again. Will they find the courage to open themselves up to love?

Falling in love is not a laughing matter in this opposites-attract lesbian romance with a bit of a fake relationship thrown in.

333 Seiten, Ylva Verlag

ISBN: 9783963242793
Fr. 19.90
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