Hussain, Melissa: Poetics, Politics, and Praxis

Rereading Audre Lorde and Julia de Burgos

In this rereading of the two women third-worldpoets--the Puerto-Rican feminist-anticolonial poetJulia de Burgos (1914-1953) and the African-Americanlesbian-feminist poet Audre Lorde(1934-1992)--Melissa Hussain explores the dialecticbetween the political-economic and the cultural inthe site of poetic production. She attempts tounderstand poetry as praxis by undertaking aMarxist-feminist-postcolonial rereading of these twopoets whose works, she argues, are crucial tounderstanding the current local and global conditionsand configurations of imperialism, (neo)colonialism,capitalism, racism and patriarchy, and oppositionalcultural politics that seek to challenge and evenchange those conditions and configurations. Theoeuvre of these two poets serves as an example of howpoetry rises above the level of mere aestheticplayfulness and turns out to be a material force, tothe point of becoming a praxis. Both Julia de Burgosand Audre Lorde fashion an antiracist, anticolonial,feminist, and anticapitalist poetics of culturalresistance--in not only their writings, but alsotheir personal involvement in actually existingstruggles in which their writings are organically rooted.

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