Hooven, F. Valentine: Tom of Finland - The Official Life and Work of a Gay Hero

Tom of Finland (born Tuoko Laaksonen, 1920-1991), was an iconic and ground-breaking artist who rose to cult status in the international queer community and beyond for his work celebrating the male figure and masculinity during a time when being homosexual was taboo. Created in partnership with Tom of Finland Foundation, Tom of Finland: The Official Life and Work of a Gay Hero is a beautifully detailed account full of never, or rarely seen, materials from his archive. The text was completed just a few months before the death of the artist and he was interviewed at length for it-making this book the only fully approved biography of the legend responsible for creating the muscled, mustachioed gay archetype of the 1960s and '70s.
With a foreword by Jean Paul Gaultier, an extensive history, and provocative photos and illustrations, Tom of Finland: The Official Life and Work of a Gay Hero brings to life the story of the icon whose erotic depictions of men influenced many artists, including Robert Mapplethorpe and Bruce Weber.

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Verlag Abrams & Chronicle
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Erscheinungsjahr 2020
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