Hoffman, Ian: Jacob's School Play: Starring He, She, and They

JACOB—star of Jacob's Room to Choose and Jacob's New Dress, one of the most banned books of the decade according to the American Library Association—is back in his third book, and ready to put on a school play! Jacob’s School Play Starring He, She, and They gently introduces readers to gender identity and pronoun use.

As Mrs. Reeves class plans for their school show, Life on the Farm, all of the students, including Jacob, find themselves unexpectedly trying to understand Ari's identity as they. Ms. Reeves helps Jacob through his confusion by saying, "From the outside, we can’t see who anybody is on the inside. So we have to trust them when they tell us.” After the show premieres and is a hit with family and friends, Jacob comes to full realization of what he, she, and they means and embraces Ari as who they are andthe whole class reaches a new level of identity comprehension. This book introduces young readers to concepts of gender diversity and pronoun use and encourages an understanding of what gender is and how it needs to be respected for everyone, as who they are inside.

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