Harding, Kat: Lesbian Kama Sutra

Using clear, empowering text to celebrate the love between women, "The Lesbian Kama Sutra" applies the spirit and intention of the original Kama Sutra - the expression of uninhibited pleasure through sex - to the lives of twenty-first century lesbian women. It encourages love and sex, pleasure and sensuality, uninhibited erotic indulgence and play, as well as provides practical advice on sexual technique, relationships and emotional wellbeing. Visually stunning, it is accompanied by exquisite historical artworks, erotic illustrations and tasteful instructional line drawings. Featuring an illustrated journey through all the different sexual positions, and covering everything from meeting a partner, seduction and kissing to games, sex toys and experimentation, "The Lesbian Kama Sutra" is the ultimate guide to satisfying, exciting lesbian love.

Verlag: Carlton Books Erscheinungsjahr: 2011 Ausführung: broschiert

Référence: 9781780976969
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