Gatta, Gina: Damron Women's Traveller

The most up-to-date and complete travel guide made by and for lesbians.

Over 9,000 listings cover North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and major capitals of Europe, noting women-run businesses, vegetarian menus, wheelchair access, multiracial clientele, and much more. Special sections detail lesbian tours, festivals, conferences, and even camping & RV spots!

Get the inside scoop on local lesbian hotspots from our unique city overviews, some even written by our readers!

European cities now include Paris, London, Edinburgh, Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome, Prague, Dublin, Copenhagen, and Barcelona, Madrid, and Sitges, Spain.

In South America: Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Santiago, Chile.

In Asia: Tokyo & Bangkok.

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