Freire, Paulo: Pedagogy of the Oppressed

50th Anniversary Edition

"The foremost work on the key democratic task: helping people to identify and challenge the sources of their oppression ... a transformative text." George Monbiot, The Guardian

This 50th anniversary edition of Freire's classic text includes an updated introduction by Donaldo Macedo, a new afterword by Ira Shor and interviews with Marina Aparicio Barberán, Noam Chomsky, Ramón Flecha, Gustavo Fischman, Ronald David Glass, Valerie Kinloch, Peter Mayo, Peter McLaren and Margo Okazawa-Rey to inspire a new generation of educators, students, and general readers for years to come.

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Verlag Bloomsbury Academic
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Erscheinungsjahr 2018
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Meldetext Versandbereit innert 48 Stunden
Untertitel 50th Anniversary Edition
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