Eschmann, Clara Belle Hooks: Remember When

Gentle breezes and southern aromas ease their way from these pages and provide a warming caress that whisks the reader back to Saturday afternoon cowboy movies, dressing up for the neighbors' porch parties, the Sumter County fair, and a time when manners and special friendships were the rule and not the exception. Clara Eschmann shares her favorite columns and the recipes that tie special flavors to each story. She brings back true Southern hospitality as it was known many years ago. Her memories of Harold Lane and the families are true, colorful, and heartwarming. She helps us remember a time and a place that is not quite forgotten but almost pushed aside by the hustle and bustle of today's obsession of "hurry up and wait to be disappointed, overcharged, and all but ignored".

The recipes in this book offer to aspiring cooks. Lessons not always learned in the kitchen. Family, neighbors, and true friendship are intertwined throughout the columns to provide a menu for today's young folk, a memory of a time and place that was good, strong, and respectable.

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