Cody, Liza: Ballad of a Dead Nobody

Elly Astoria had a miraculous musical talent. As a little girl she taught herself to play guitar and keyboard so that she could feed herself and her junkie mother. One rainy night she was spotted singing and playing by the founder of an indy women's band. Later, cleaned up and better fed, she caught the eye of her future manager - and his creepy sister. It should have been a rags-to-riches story. Instead Elly's career was cut short by her perverted and grisly murder.

Years after her death it looks as if Elly's life has been overlooked. If anyone deserves rediscovery and a biography, it's Elly. Clearly there is a story to be told and a mystery to be solved. But how?

About Anna Lee

"Electric with suspense, fast and funny..."

-Publisher's Weekly

"Loud hurrahs... story wonderfully alive, truly tense, dialogue sharp and accurate!"

-HRF Keating, The Times

About Eva Wylie

"A staggering achievement... A breath-taking tour de force."

-Sara Paretsky

"...Eva is a wondrous creation - an incorrigible innocent in a story that crackles with energy. Super Cody."

-Kirkus Reviews

About Gimme More

"Any one with the slightest interest in the world of music will ¿nd this a thriller they won't want to put down."

-Anthony Morris

"Probably the greatest rock'n'roll novel ever."

-Nick Johnstone, uncut

ISBN: 9781450283229
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Verlag Authorhouse
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Erscheinungsjahr 2011
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