Buch, Sage W: Finding Self

A Transgender Person's Guide to Physical Transition (For Transmasculine and Nonbinary People), The Guide

Finding Self: A Transgender Person's Guide to Physical Transition is currently the **ONLY** guide outlining every option available for physical transition for trans people Assigned Female at Birth (AFAB).This comprehensive guide walks you through all current options, and also gives you prompts to work through your feelings and emotions surrounding all aspects of physical transition. In Sage's words: "When I first realized I was trans, the journey of transition felt like a never-ending uphill battle to me. The amount of information was simultaneously overwhelming and nonexistent. I found pieces here and there that felt fitting for me, but so much of the information I found felt so exclusionary. At the time, I didn't have trans people around me to ask questions of, or to lean on. Because of that, I spent the last seven years doing deep-dive research into all aspects of physical transition through not just reading recorded scientific research, but also through my own personal experience, interviews and interactions with doctors, fellow trans people, parents/families, and attending large gender conferences such as the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference (Philadelphia, PA), and Genderevolution (Salt Lake City, UT). As I collected all of the information I could, I pooled all my notes together and created what is now this book. This book exists for you. So that whatever questions you have are answered, or are clarified enough for you to do more research. So that your journey may be a touch easier. So that no matter where you are in the world, no matter what kind of support you have around you, you can hear the voice of another trans person calling out to you, uplifting you."

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Verlag Sage Pubn
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