Bourbon, Denice: Cheers!

Stories of a fabulous Queer Femme in Action

Denice Bourbon, number one diva of Vienna s queer avant-garde and notoriously trash-mouthed columnist, tells it all. Yes. It! All!
From her lesbian awakening in the 1990s through her early years of radical feminist activism, which landed her with an arrest warrant she has politely declined to comply with so far, Miss Bourbon takes her readers on a ride that will leave them gasping for breath.

Her stories are as mind-boggling as they are hilarious and fortunately she has provided proof with a compilation of photos, love letters, and other bits and pieces, which will stop everyone wondering whether she has in fact just made it all up. Well, she hasn`t.

Buckle up, sit back, and enjoy the ride this is as fabulous as it gets, darlings!

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