Bhava, Sakhi: Transgender Spirituality - Man Into Goddess

25.90In many cultures throughout history, male transgenderism has been valued as a rare qualification for spiritual life. Cross-dressed priests and shamans have been common features in Eastern, ancient Western, and so-called "primitive" societies. This has not been a feature of modern Western traditions, but times are changing. Other cultures are being explored by Westerners and receiving some of the respect they deserve. Many people are recognizing that the presence of crossed-sex tendencies is normal and necessary for emotional and spiritual growth. The principles of yoga stress the importance of engaging all aspects of our personalities in pursuit of peace, knowledge, and fulfillment. This book presents a historical survey of male transgenderism in spiritual life - including biographies of well-known figures who used their crossed-sex identification as vehicles for worship and self-discovery. It also discusses ways for the transgender male to turn his yearning for sexual transformation into a powerful tool for spiritual transformation - to turn what may be seen by some as a curse or abnormality into a blessing.

Format Paperback | 128 pages Publication date 01 Sep 2012 Publisher Createspace 

ISBN: 9781479238620
Fr. 25.90
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