Baile, Mohamed Wa: Beyond the Clash of Civilizations

In today's ever-changing and often uncertain world, encouraging healthy dialogue between all cultures and religions is vital. In Beyond the Clash of Civilizations, Mohamed Wa Baile carefully explores how Muslims and people of other faiths can achieve a peaceful coexistence instead of being victims of conflict. Wa Baile, a follower and practitioner of Islamic religion, has had the privilege of unconditional access to study Muslim communities in Switzerland. There, for the past ten years, he has examined the interactions between Muslims and the complex, introspective issues that often plague both individuals and families. Through attending hundreds of congregational prayers and interviews with Muslim leaders, Wa Baile shares his thoughtful observations as he seeks new meanings and alternative ways of thinking that will help all Muslims understand and assess the real challenges that lie ahead. It is up to the current generation to seek practical solutions and peaceful resolutions, rather than insist on the narrative of one insular side or the other. Beyond the Clash of Civilizations encourages a new respect for Islam with the hope of changing long-held perceptions of both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

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Untertitel A New Cultural Synthesis for Muslims in the West
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