Alabanza, Travis: None of the Above

'When you are someone that falls outside of categories in so many ways, a lot of things are said to you. And I have had a lot of things said to me.'

In None of the Above, Travis Alabanza examines seven phrases people have directed at them about their gender identity. These phrases have stayed with them over the years. Some are deceptively innocuous, some deliberately loaded or offensive, some celebratory; sentences that have impacted them for better and for worse; sentences that speak to the broader issues raised by a world that insists that gender must be a binary.

Through these seven phrases, which include some of their most transformative experiences as a Black, mixed race, non binary person, Travis Alabanza turns a mirror back on society, giving us reason to question the very framework in which we live and the ways we treat each other.


ISBN: 9781838854317
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Verlag Canongate
Einband Fester Einband
Erscheinungsjahr 2022
Seitenangabe 224 S.
Meldetext Lieferbar in ca. 10-20 Arbeitstagen
Untertitel Reflections on Life Beyond the Binary
Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
Masse H22.0 cm x B14.4 cm x D2.4 cm 343 g
Coverlag Canongate Books (Imprint/Brand)
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Autor*in Alabanza, Travis
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