Acting Out (DVD)

Regie: Ana Grillo
Originaltitel: Acting Out

For 25 years now, the renowned Hamburg International Queer Film Festival has been on the forefront of exhibiting and promoting the diversity of queer cinema to an ever-growing audience. On occasion of the 2014 anniversary, filmmakers Ana Grillo, Christina Magdalinou and Silvia Torneden present their personal take on the festival’s eventful history: Shot over the course of one and a half years, their documentary "Acting Out" eschews the conventional, chronological narrative in favor of a both intimate and informative exploration of the festival’s past, present and possible future. Digging deep into archives and unearthing rare footage, the film depicts how an utterly grass-roots idea developed into an international hotspot for artists and audiences from all over the world.

In their own words, former and current organizers, filmmakers, patrons and community members relate the moving stories that take place behind and beyond the screen. Consequently, one learns about the toils and joys of festival programming, the often tough balancing of underground ethics and professional demands, funding problems and ideological struggles, and, last but not least, the importance of always having a well-stocked bar around. Embedded in the best sense of the word, the filmmakers touch upon the very heart and soul of the festival, making "Acting Out" an equally entertaining and inspiring testimony to the unique spirit of Hamburg’s seminal contribution to queer cinema and culture.

Verlag: Salzgeber + Co. Medien Gm Erscheinungsjahr: 2016 Ausführung: DVD Video Extras: Making-Of, Bildergalerie, Musikvideo von „Le Roi et Moi“ Jahr: 2014 FSK: 6 Land: Deutschland Untertitel: Deutsch, Englisch Sprache: deutsch-englische Originalfassung Länge: 85 min Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 + 5.1 Formate: 16:9
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